Pre-Marital Counseling

Most couples just don't realize that good, skill-based pre-marriage counseling or classes can reduce the risk of divorce by up to thirty percent and lead to a significantly happier marriage, according to marriage research. It can also reduce the stress of the pre-wedding period. Just a little effort now can make your odds a whole lot better over the long run. You want to do everything you can to ensure that your dreams of a great marriage and a great life are realized.

Pre-marriage preparation is based on the reality that it's important to strengthen your relationship and prepare constructively for future challenges and conflicts that everyone will inevitably face at some point in their marriage, now while you have so much fresh positive energy in your relationship. 

The research shows that there is a window of opportunity during the year before the wedding and the six months or so after when couples get the optimum benefit from marriage preparation. Later, under stress, negative habits and relationship patterns may become established and be much harder to resolve. Premarital counseling helps to add to the foundation you've already created.


PREPARE is a well-researched pre-marital counseling program developed by Dr. David Olson.  It is a program based on a set of five inventories that examine major relationship issues a couple may experience.  These inventories must be administered by a trained PREPARE/ENRICH Counselor and include 4-8 feedback sessions in which the counselor facilitates discussion between the couple based on their inventory results. 

PREPARE is designed for all pre-marital couples including:

  • Dating/Engaged couples
  • Couples that live together
  • Couples that have children
  • Couples that are over 50

The goals of the PREPARE model include:

  1. To explore Relationship Strengths and Growth Areas
  2. To learn Assertiveness and Active Listening Skills
  3. To learn how to resolve Conflict and improve Communication
  4. To help the couple discuss their Family-of-Origin and understand themselves in relationships
  5. To help the couple discuss financial planning and budgeting
  6. To focus on personal, couple and family goals



To learn more about PREPARE visit www.prepare-enrich.com or
call me at 407-894-5202.


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