Before choosing a  counselor, you can ask lots of questions to see if he or she is the right fit for you. Consider asking questions like these:

  • What are your hours? Hours are By Appointment Only-day and evening appointments are available.


  • How long is each session? 50 Minutes--a clinical hour.


  • How often are sessions scheduled? Usually this will depend on each individual person. This is something that is mutually agreed upon between you and your counselor.  Normally it is once per week.


  • What is your policy on cancelled sessions? If given 24 hours notice there is no charge to reschedule otherwise you will be charged your agreed upon session fee for a missed session.

Making the decision to go to counseling can be tough. But counseling can help you cope better, feel supported, and gain more insight into who you are — rather than trying to ignore it or hoping it gets better on its own.

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