Couples & Relationship Counseling
You can have a conscious relationship by design! Envision what is possible between you and your significant other and you can co-create it! 

Couples counseling helps couples — married or not — by giving you and your partner the tools to communicate better, support each other, negotiate differences, and learn how to best support one another. I believe this is the foundation to a long and loving relationship together. 

Illness, infidelity, anger, & communication problems — all can contribute to distress in any significant relationship. Couples counseling can help resolve conflicts and heal wounds. Couples counseling provides simple tools for renewing intimacy. It is based on a process of dialogue between partners which deepens connection between two people. Thus, this provides couples to feel empowered to help themselves. 

Working extensively on a Federal Grant specifially designed to help couples, I learned that the one common demonator in relationships that we all seek is to have effective communication. We all just want to be heard. In my experience when working with couples, I have found that learning how to communicate with our partner in a way that supports, validates, and respects each person helps to easily resolve conflicts to improve your relationship.

Couples counseling can help you understand you and your relationship. It also helps us understand the roles each of us play in our relationships with one another. 

Strengthening bonds
You don't need to have a troubled relationship to seek therapy. Couples counseling can also help couples who simply want to strengthen their bonds and gain a better understanding of each other. 


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